Oct 31, 2023

VIPE Survivors: trick or treat

Halloween is here, and we're excited to introduce VIPE Survivors, a retro-style  scary game


Halloween has arrived and with it comes the perfect opportunity to immerse ourselves in all things scary and terrifying. And what better way to celebrate this spooky season than by launching a new minigame that fits perfectly with the essence of Halloween?

Today we want to introduce you to VIPE Survivors, a retro-style gaming adventure that promises to take you on a trip filled with monsters, darkness and a frightening final battle. But that’s not all; what truly sets VIPE Survivors apart is its development, that only took us two weeks, and the ability to play the game with your favourite NFT as your avatar.

Let’s explore the mysterious depths of this immersive Halloween world.

VIPE Survivors initial window

Game overview

VIPE Survivors is a heart-stopping gaming experience designed to transport you straight into the heart of a realm crowded with dangers. Your mission: to defeat an endless swarm of threatening monsters and be ready to defeat the ultimate boss, Howo.

To do so your character will have different weapon possibilities to choose from and expand their skills as the game advances and you collect XP from fallen enemies.

VIPE Survivors lobby

NFT integration

What makes VIPE Survivors truly special is the native integration with the VIPE platform and CryptoAvatars protocol. In this game you have the opportunity to play the game using your preferred owned avatar or one of the CC0 avatars we offer for play.

VIPE Survivors avatar selector

These unique avatars bring an extra layer of customization to the gaming experience allowing you to step into the shoes of a character that you own and cherish. Not only do they add a touch of exclusivity to your gameplay but they also come with special abilities and attributes that can turn the flow in your favour when battling the monsters and confronting Howo.

Gameplay features

VIPE Survivors offers a multitude of gameplay features to keep you alerted and entertained throughout your adventure. Collect power-ups and new weapons to defend yourself. With a range of special mechanics you’ll find yourself constantly engaged and anxious to explore the spooky landscape that lie ahead. Take a chance, fight and replay to find your perfect playstyle.

VIPE Heroe with a weapon from VIPE Survivors
VIPE Survivors’ weapon

Immersive scenarios

For the occasion we decided to proof that even scenarios that we made 3 years ago can be used in today’s game scenarios.

Tomb Chaser 2, the iconic game we made back in 2021 and part of the Open Source initiative here at Polygonal Mind, is the environment art direction in charge to locate the players in an eerie map to battle against the forces of evil.

VIPE Survivors environment

Final boss battle

The highlight of the game is undoubtedly the epic final boss battle. As you progress through the game the anticipation builds and you’ll soon find yourself face-to-face with the ultimate challenge.

Only the brave and most skilled avatars will succeed.

VIPE Survivors battle scene

How to play

VIPE Survivors is now available for playing it online HERE.

Don’t miss the chance to undertake on this scary adventure and embrace the Halloween spirit with VIPE Survivors.

VIPE Survivors login

We want to hear your thoughts

VIPE Survivors is currently in an alpha stage, where we demonstrate the utility of the CryptoAvatars protocol, where you can use any VIPE avatar you own and where you can have a good time slicing monsters that we made for the Halloween event. This leads to a lot of interesting questions and new opportunities to expand the value of the experience, please let us know your thoughts in our Discord Server!


In closing we’re happy to bring VIPE Survivors to the Halloween scene since we’re super fans of this celebration. It’s an experience that combines nostalgia of retro gaming with the excitement that comes with Halloween.

We hope this game brings you the perfect blend of nostalgia, spookiness and adventure.

Thank you for being a part of our journey and we can’t wait to witness your bravery as you take on the monsters and the final boss in VIPE Survivors.

Happy Halloween and let the night fall….

Marina López
Marketing Manager
Head of OPS

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