Boson Portal

Imagine your virtual identity dressed as you do in real life


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WE imagine

Boson Portal wanted to raise its own Metaverse Store, where users can buy physical goods as NFTs from global fashion brands. Polygonal Mind brought to life Boson Portal’s Fashion District in Decentraland as an update of their previous place, cementing its position as the facto solution for metaverse commerce. Check our official partnership here.

Boson Portal is a rich and vibrant space of experimentation and exploration, providing the unique ability to connect and bridge the virtual and physical worlds through fashion.

WE design

In addition to the Fashion District, Boson Portal is a premium state located in the North-West of Decentraland, as part of the Vegas City district. It acts as a hotspot for brands to place their products and have a landing platform for the web3 world. Boson placed a 4 floor building, with streaming screens and booths to run fashion shows and events. We can also find Auroboros and MetaFactory shops here, designed with their branding and appeal in mind.

WE develop

The building is prepared to host fashion shows and acts as a fashion district, with these key features:

  • Streaming screens for presentations and interviews
  • Fashion showcases
  • Permanent and short-live fashion collabs with their own space/booth
  • NFT collections store