Tomb Chaser 3

The game for the more adventurous returns in its third edition


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WE imagine

Decentraland's first platform game strikes again! Tomb Chaser returns to the public with a fresh new look and more immersive and challenging gameplay. Our favourite adventurer will venture deep into an ancient ruins to discover what magnificent treasure is hidden at the top. The path will not be easy: traps await him that only the most skilled will be able to overcome.

WE design

In this edition of Tomb Chaser, reminiscences of the ancient american civilisations take centre stage. The ancient ruins of this 3x3 Dencentraland land are as robust as they are colourful, as if time had not passed them by. We find multiple details such as geometric reliefs typical of the Aztec world, vines surrounding the building, and even some remains of those who did not make it through the adventure. The interior of the labyrinth is full of carefully designed traps and there are plenty of lava rivers where the weakest will fall.

WE develop

It is a platform game where the user must be as quick as he is daring not to get caught in the traps and fall into the lava. At the entrance to the ruins there is a leaderboard featuring the fastest adventurers, as well as the NPC T'zolk'in, the ghost who will guide users through the experience. Of course, those lucky enough to reach the top will receive an exclusive Uxmal mask.


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