Nov 9, 2023

Creating your first scene in Hyperfy

Let’s talk about Hyperfy, a site that gives you the possibility to explore and build the Metaverse with others instantly on the web

The mission

Most of us know how to upload Blender files to Unity in Decentraland or other platforms, but today we are going to show you how to upload a Blender file to Hyperfy.


  • Blender
  • Hyperfy

Set up

After you create the environment you want in Blender, you have to export the environment as a .glb file. To do this, go to the top left of Blender, click File ,then go to Export and select gltf 2.0(.glb/.gltf). Save it to the file exporter of your choice:

File > Export > glTF 2.0(.glb/.gltf) > Save it to the file exporter of your liking.

Blender gltf exporter

Then, you´ll need to go to the Hyperfy site and navigate to Connect. Use your MetaMask account to sign in.

Hyperfy connect tab
Hyperfy’s MetaMask connect tab

Once you sign in, click on your account name of the account (in this case, it’s “Anonymous”) and select Worlds. The Disconnect button is for logging out from Hyperfy.

Hyperfy account properties

Once you click on Worlds you will arrive here. Create a new world like this:

Hyperfy worlds creation tab

Hyperfy site > Enter with MetaMask > Click on your username > Worlds > Create a World

First steps in Hyperfy creator

Once you enter the Hyperfy world and sign in with your MetaMask account:

Hyperfy blank template

Hyperfy scene button

You will find this menu at the bottom right of your screen:

Avatar icon in Hyperfy scene

To sign in, you will need to click the avatar icon, which looks like this:

  • The microphone icon gives you the possibility to talk with other people. In Hyperfy, it’s possible to have more than one person or build and environment with other people at the same time.
  • The backpack icon allows you to purchase NFT items from Ethereum or Polygon, keep them in the backpack and upload them in Hyperfy.
  • The avatar icon is for signing in to your Hyperfy account . You can sign in either with the MetaMask wallet or WalletConnect. Also, you can change your avatar’s name and the avatar itself, either by purchasing from the NFT sites like Ethereum or Polygon, VRM or using an URL.
  • The lines icon is for opening the People, Display and Controls menu.

This is the menu that you are going to see. To connect with your account, you have to click on the MetaMask wallet buttton and enter your password:

Hyperfy user account tab

When you are done with the login process you will see this menu mentioned in the previous paragraph:

Hyperfy scene menu

And you´ll click the new icon that you´ll find in the menu:

Hyperfy world editor icon

Now you see this menu:

  • + Add (we will talk about it more in the next paragraphs)
  • Emotes is for us to summoning the axes and also rotating them.
  • Water is for changing the water design, like position, rotation, color etc.
  • Sky is for changing the sky design,  like position, rotation, the type, HDR etc.
  • Fog is for changing the fog design, like position, rotation, color, type etc.
  • Save is for saving all your progress in the program. If you don’t press save when you are done with your work, your work won’t be saved. Don’t close the page thinking it will automaticly be saved, IT WON’T!

After adding these things to your environment, the next options you’ll see:

  • Text is for adding text to the environment.
  • Model is for the environment that you made.
  • Spawn is for your avatar, you can place the spawn wherever you want your avatar to appear every time you log in.
  • Effects is for the avatar if you want it to climb , fly and/or glide.

Hyperfy environment settings
Hyperfy model upload

Hyperfy world specs

The “World” section basically gives you all the information about the environment you’re creating:

  • Title is obviously the name of the world that you are building.
  • Description is for you to write some information about the environment.
  • Link is for sharing a link or links with other people in Hyperfy.
  • Voice Chat is for you to be able to speak with others either in global or in spatial.
  • Collaborators ****are the people you not only share the world with but also let them build in it ( in this case, there are three people who have the permission to do that).

Environment creation

You will click on +Add and it will show you this menu. The Add menu will help us to import the models, audio, videos, etc., that we want in Hyperfy. The Add option is divided into three categories:



Hyperfy world add options
  • Screen: you can add a screen to the environment. The screen can play audio and also animation.
  • Image: you can add images to the environment, with or without a frame, either double-sided or not, with Lit or not, etc.
  • Model: here you will upload the .glb model/environment that you made and want to upload to Hyperfy.
  • Web: you can also add a web page.
  • Audio: you can add songs to the environment.
  • Video: you can add videos to the environment.
  • Text: there´s a possibility to add texts or comments.
  • Spawn:  for your avatar. You can place the spawn wherever you want for your avatar to appear everytime you log in.
  • Effects: for the avatar. If you want to climb , fly and/or glide.


  • Platforms: you can use this button to add an up and down animation, like an elevator, in your Hyperfy environment. You can apply different timing and even change the platform button with another asset.
  • Seat: this button can make your avatar sit in different places inside Hyperfy.
  • Grabbable: with this button, your avatar can grab assets such as a coffee mug, and you can also import your own assets that you want the character to hold.
  • Avatar: you can use avatar to create new avatars in the composition. Also, you can display them as a model or as an image.
  • Receiver
  • Camera: you can select camera to take the captures that you want.
  • Zone
  • Discord: you can add a Discord server.
  • TimeTrial: you use it as a timer, and you can put it in your environment.
  • Stream: you can add your streaming link.
  • Pay
  • Minter
  • Place: you add this tool in the environment, so every time you log into Hyperfy, your avatar will be standing in the place that you placed the tool.

Hyperfy environment creation tools


  • Light: you can cast either a point or an area light in the environment.
  • Emotes
  • Sky: you can change the background of the sky.
  • Water: you can change the style of water you want to display.
  • Fog: you can also add fog.
  • Grid: a grid can also be placed inside your environment. A grid is a pattern of horizontal and vertical lines that cross each other to make a set of squares.
  • Sun: this tool can change the sun direction as well as the intesity, time and color
  • SimpleTerrain: Hyperfy already has its own terrains, and through this tool you can add one of them.


  • Portal: you can place a portal inside your Hyperfy environment. If you add the URL of another environment, this portal will take you there.
  • Mirror: you can add a mirror in your environment.
  • Connect 4: it’s a small game that you can add to your environment.
  • Zesty

Wallet is for your NFTs, you can import them to the environment either from:

  • Ethereum
  • Polygon
  • Arbitrum
  • Optimism

Uploads: you can upload environments from other apps.

Assembling our world

By clicking Model, you will be able to go through this menu and add your environment in the place that says Source:

Hyperfy environment addition

If your environmet has animations, by clicking yes, they will be activated.

For changing the environment, you can click again the environment that you added in the Source and add the new environment in the place of the previous one.


It’s very easy to upload your environment in Hyperfy by following this documnet step by step.

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