Nov 20, 2023

Tips & tricks for Decentraland modeling

This guide explains some tips and tricks that will make your 3D models look better in Decentraland

The mission

Learn some 3D modeling tips and tricks that will improve the quality of your models destined for Decentraland.


  • Maya.
  • Decentraland.
  • Unity.


Object and environment size

When making a 3D model for Decentraland keep in mind the size of the player compared to your model, the player is approximately 2 metres tall and it is advisable to use the 3D model of the character as a reference in your Maya scene while modeling to maintain a consistent scale.

Scale reference

If your model is an environment you also have to take into account the proportion of the player and also the possibility of the player playing with the camera in third person, in this situation you have to be careful that the enclosed spaces such as doors and corridors are clearly higher and wider than the player and have high ceilings so as not to generate a feeling of suffocation and claustrophobia.

Scale walkable zones


Due to the lighting and the skybox of Decentraland the colours in Decentraland look darker than in Maya or any 3D program and it is advisable to make your textures a couple of shades lighter.

Substance Painter preview
Decentraland preview

Very light colours such as pure white or light shades in general are not recommended for use in your Decentraland models as the skybox tints the colour of the environment and can give the impression that your model is of an undesirable colour.

Decentraland night
Decentraland day


If your model has emissive parts it will make it stand out and it usually looks pretty good inside Decentraland, the emissive has enough brightness inside Decentraland that putting a slight brightness from Unity will make it look quite bright.

Unity preview
Decentraland preview


In short, even if we are using an engine or the preview of the environment in a modeling software, we always have to see if the version we have looks good inside Decentraland, as it has many differences in lighting.

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