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100Avatars Round 1

Free, optimised and ready-to-use avatars for all platforms


1 Avatar per day

In 2018, we took on the challenge of creating one avatar per day for 100 days. That's how our first original collection of avatars was born - simple, cool designs, all Opensource and CC0!

Proud to share our creativity with the world.

Our CEO led the way!


Hey, time was tight, but we got creative! We reused parts of our avatars to whip up some fresh ones.

Round 1 had the most unexpected and diverse theme! From cute humanoid avatars to quirky food-related ones - it was a blast!

Oh, and you can't forget our star, the beloved Cool Banana, born right in this round.

MISSION accomplished

Our avatars were made with love and meant to be shared with the world! Open Source and CC0, totally free for everyone on any platform.

You can customize them too! And guess what? They're huge hits on VRChat!

Download them directly as VRM or Voxel versions and have a blast!


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