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100Avatars Round 1

Free, optimised and ready-to-use avatars for all platforms


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WE imagine

It all started as a challenge on 2018: make an avatar every day for 100 days. That's how the idea of the 100Avatars collection was born, an avatar serie with cool and simple designs of Open Source and CC0 nature.

WE design

Polygonal Mind CEO Toxsam was the one who designed and shaped these characters. Time was quite limited, so it was important to reuse some parts of our avatars in order to create new ones. The theme of round 1 is as varied as it is surprising, with humanoid avatars and even food-related avatars. Oh, and our popular Cool Banana is also a native of this round!

WE develop

These avatars were born with the aim of being Open Source and CC0, so that everyone can use them for free on all platforms, as well as modify them to their liking. In fact, they are some of the most popular avatars on VRChat! They are ready for direct download in both VRM and Voxel versions.


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