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100Avatars Round 2

The second batch of the coolest avatars


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WE imagine

Remember the challenge to make an avatar every day for 100 days? Well, history repeated itself in 2020, resulting in round 2 of 100 new avatars with cool and simple designs of Open Source and CC0 nature.

WE design

Our CEO Toxsam got down to work in June 2020 with the aim of releasing another round of 100 new avatars. The concept remains the same: cute characters with simple designs. This edition features more object avatars, such as food avatars or household objects.

WE develop

The purpose of creating these avatars was to make them available as Open Source and CC0, enabling people to use them free of charge across all platforms and customize them according to their preferences. As a result, they have become widely popular avatars on VRChat. Both VRM and Voxel versions of these avatars are readily downloadable.


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