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100Avatars Round 2

The second batch of the coolest avatars


100 more!

Round 2 of the 100-day avatar challenge is here! Cool Opensource and CC0 designs inspired by food, cosmic elements, and more.

Our team at it again, creating cute characters with simple designs since June 2020.


The concept remains unchanged - adorable characters with simple designs. Our amazing team of 3D character artists took on the challenge once again, crafting an avatar per day.

The team drew inspiration from food, cosmic elements, everyday objects, and even unique personalities. The creativity flowed, and the results are simply fantastic!

MISSION accomplished

We had a great goal with these avatars - to make them available as Open Source and CC0, totally free for everyone to use and customize on any platform.

And guess what? They've become super popular avatars on VRChat! You can easily download both VRM and Voxel versions and have a blast with them!


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