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Tomb Chaser 2

The adventure of the treasure hunt continues


Tomb Chaser is back with a Cyberpunk and Oriental blend, creating a unique experience inside and outside the temple.

Our CEO's passion for Cyberpunk inspired us to bring this thrilling adventure to life.


Step into our Cyberpunk-Oriental fusion! Experience contemporary Japanese architecture amidst lush greenery, water, and exposed pipes.

The neon-lit cyberpunk interior boasts lanterns, broken pipes, and a somber vibe. Discover our metaverse ventures and 100Avatars collection.

Even the ghost rocks a cyberpunk look!

MISSION accomplished

Inside the building, enjoy the fun and competition! Traps and mazes await, but we've added a signbook and leaderboard to track progress and reward the best with an NFT.

And guess what? We've made this project CC0 and OpenSource on our Github and Sketchfab, so it's yours to explore and use creatively!


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