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Tomb Chaser 2

The adventure of the treasure hunt continues


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WE imagine

We considered creating a second playable experience with a Cyberpunk theme as a continuation of the Tomb Chaser series. The game mechanics remain the same: chasing a ghost through a maze and various traps until finding the hidden treasure. The idea was to create a complete series of Tomb Chaser experiences.

WE design

This building was constructed on a 5x5 plot and consists of multiple floors. Its exterior is inspired by traditional Japanese architecture, but with a contemporary twist. The building is surrounded by lush greenery, water, and exposed pipes. Inside, the cyberpunk theme is evident through neon lights, broken pipes, and a somber atmosphere. Japanese-inspired elements, such as lanterns and plants, are also incorporated. Within the walls, you'll find information about the business, other ventures in the metaverse, and cards featuring avatars from our collection, 100Avatars.

In addition, the ghost in the game also has a cyberpunk appearance.

WE develop

In addition to the traps and mazes inside the building, we have also included:

  • A signbook for participants to sign
  • A leaderboard where race results are displayed
  • An NFT for each participant


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