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Apr 7, 2023

Tommy Hilfiger: reimagining fashion for the digital age

Tommy Hilfiger's Metaverse Fashion Week project; groundbreaking fusion of fashion, art, and technology


Tommy Hilfiger's Metaverse Fashion Week project is a groundbreaking fusion of fashion, art, and technology, redefining the brand's presence in the digital age.


Our mission is to inspire self-expression in the digital world through collaborations with DRESSX and artist Vinnie Hager. We offered immersive experiences, digital wearables, and limited-edition NFTs that push the boundaries of fashion and creativity in the Metaverse.


The goal for the art development of this project has been somewhat different from other projects. Tipically, we build the entire scene from scratch. However, this time, we received a finished design from the client that we had to integrate, optimize, and polish to make it look as good as possible while respecting the original design.

This is how the building looked before the development:

Original design

And this is the design reference for how the client wanted the final visuals to look:

Visual reference

As you can see, there’s a lot to work on to make itresemble the visual reference. Some elements, such as the spotlights, are beyond Decentraland’s capabilities, but we are determined to find a way to it work.

Let’s go over the most important steps to achieve this visual enhancement.

Base color adjustments

The first iteration of the building aimed to enhance the base colors to align with the reference. Additionally, we introduced the emissive effect to the white borders of the building.

Base color adjusted

Fake lighting

This step is likely the most noticeable, as it replicates the lighting effects of the reference without using real lights, considering that Decentraland lacks that feature.

To emulate lighting, the optimal approach is to incorporate it into the textures. However, this can be sometimes result in a low-quality appearance, needing a high resolution to achieve a satisfactory look. Rather than pursuing that route, we created a tileable spotlight emissive map that independently influenced the base colors.

This method allowed us to achieve the baked lighting effect while maximazing resolution and optimization.

Fake lighting effects

Textures improvement

Now that we have a solid foundational look of the building, let’s delve into the details. Our next goal is to enhance all textures as much as possible while remaining within the corparative colors and main design.

Interior glow-up

In the interior, we enhanced the use of emissives, incorporated detailed textures to enrich flat colors, and emphasized the use of corporate colors.

Interior before
Interior after

Exterior glow-up

Additionally, we aimed to elevate the exterior visuals. We seized the opportunity to introduce a glass effect and refined the emissive borders to create a more subtle appearance.

Glass effect & improved emissive borders

Floating Island

There’s also a floating island above the building. For this element, we enhanced organic features such as the large red and blue crystals, as well as the vegetation.

Island original design

For the large crystals, we incorporated an obsidian ripples effect to enhance their detail and appearance.

Crystal details

As for the vegetation, we adjusted the colors to align the corporate colors scheme and introduced some pleasing grass patches beneath the trees.

Improved vegetation

Exterior decoration rework

One aspect that underwent a complete overhaul is the exterior decoration. We made the decision to elevate this design to an entirely new level by integrating it with the building’s overall design and colors.

Our choice was to create a “corporate garden”, a fusion of a garden and pond with a futuristic touch, positioned in each of the corners of the entrances.

One of the new exterior corners

NPC and animations

And last but not least, we revamped the NPC design and the inflatable figures in Vinnie Hagar’s section of the floor.

NPC design
Inflatable figures animation

Final art results

As you can see, we have strived to bring the results as close as possible to the client’s reference while enhancing certains aspects, all within the boundaries of the original design.

Final result in Decentraland


Treasure hunt + puzzle game

Enter into a thrilling adventure with our Treasure Hunt + Puzzle Game, seamlessly integrated into the immersive experience to enhance the overall ambiance.

Your mission is to dive into a treasure hunt, seeking out five scattered puzzle pieces cleverly hidden throughout the room. As you uncover these pieces, they’ll be neatly stored in your inventory, presented in the order of your findings for easy reference.

Once you've successfully collected all five pieces, brace yourself for the ultimate challenge. Step into a single-user point of view, turning your screen into a canvas. Your task is to skillfully arrange these pieces into the shape of a mysterious object. Your problem-solving abilities and creativity will be put to the test as you piece together the puzzle.

Upon successful completion of the puzzle, your reward awaits. The emote associated with the object will be unlocked, and you can claim it from the NPC within the space. But that's not the end; get ready for a new puzzle unlocking every day for the next three days, providing a fresh and exciting challenge each time. It's a journey of discovery, creativity and satisfaction, adding an extra layer of intrigue to your immersive Tommy’s experience.

Treasure hunt
Puzzle Game


Scattered throughout the scene, you'll discover several photobooths just waiting for your click. When you interact with them, a unique image will be generated, featuring the background of the scene, experience hashtags and your avatar artfully placed within it.

This personalized image serves as a delightful memento of your time in Tommy’s world. Share it directly on your favorite social media platforms to let your friends and followers in on the fun. If you prefer to keep it for yourself, simply download the image to cherish the memory forever. The Photo Booth feature adds a touch of digital creativity and social sharing to enhance your overall experience.

Pic taken through photobooth tool


As Tommy Hilfiger dives into this Metaverse journey, it marks a deep shift in the brand's legacy. Our commitment to reimagining fashion for the digital age is set to make a lasting impact, reshaping the very landscape where fashion, art and innovation converge.

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