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Jun 6, 2024

Making 3D Avatars for Bored Ape Yacht Club

Showcasing Polygonal Mind artistic skills with BAYC Official 3D Avatars


Bored Ape Yacht Club recently delivered the 3D models of the Bored Apes for every holder of the NFT. We have seen thousands of Apes having fun with their new 3D characters, from cool renders and videos to implementation in other platforms.

The main Ape model is the key in the development of this project, as every trait must fit perfectly with the body. Once we had the main Ape approved, it was time to model every trait present in the original collection. Our team not only managed to deliver top-quality traits but they also made sure not to exceed the triangle limitation that every possible combination could not surpass.

We at Polygonal Mind, CryptoAvatars and VIPE are very proud to see people enjoying our 3D models and the appreciation on the quality and hard work we put behind. From the technical perspective to the art style. In this blog-post we are covering some of the renders that our artists made to showcase some of the details behind this amazing collection with 10,000 avatars.

Showcasing BAYC 3D Models

Here we can appreciate some renders that our team made just right after delivering the final files to Yuga Labs. We can appreciate different body traits never seen before from various angles and with different render styles and lighting setup. We can also appreciate some independent traits in a GIF. Additionally some of our artists produced a high quality render each with 3 Apes to showcase the final models.


Needless to say, we are very proud of the work that our teams at CryptoAvatars, VIPE and Polygonal Mind did with the re-creation of this iconic PFP NFT Collection from 2D to 3D. It was a challenge that we have faced with enthusiasm. We appreciate the Yuga team for the trust they have placed in us, our workflow and the results we are capable to offer.

3D avatars open a whole new world of creativity; use them for vtubing or creating digital content for your virtual character, transform them into VRM avatars to make them compatible with thousands of platforms and apps, use them to create VR or AR content, integrate them in popular social games, and many more.

For all you who own a Bored Ape, we hope you have a lot of fun with your 3D models. See you in the metaverse!

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Making 3D Avatars for Bored Ape Yacht Club
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