Pioneering the construction of the metaverse since 2018.

Polygonal Mind has now developed over 60 Projects & 4,000 LANDs in the metaverse.
Games, Experiences, Galleries, Shops, Adventures, Festivals, Exhibitions, Headquarters, Museums, Parties, NFT Collections, Wearables, NPCs.

Our arsenal of skills include Advanced and Optimized 3D Modelling, Art Production, Game Development, Character Creation, Conceptualization, Prototyping, Animation, Render, UX Design, Events Organization, Marketing & Business Strategies, Smart Contracts Development, Websites.


Art Direction


Analytics & Maintenance

Guidance Over the Process

Our experienced team will work closely with yours to define a consistent strategic plan.
From establishing the vision and goals, to several brainstorming sessions to discover the benefits of working in the metaverse based on your ideas.

We are your perfect travel companion.

Creativity to succeed

Our studio is pretty well known for being the most creative studio within the metaverse, developing stunning experiences by adding unique artistic value that makes our projects to stand out from any other.

Tell us your dream and we will make it come true.

Analytics & Maintenance

We know the importance of data to measure success, especially at such an early stage. With our unique and robust analytics system you can closely track key performance indicators and draw useful conclusions.

We work so that our projects have experiences that create memories.