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CryptoAvatars World

CryptoAvatars' first showcase in the metaverse


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WE imagine

Coinciding with the launch of the CryptoAvatars platform, with avatars as representative of it as Orion and Aurora, we created this building in both VRChat and Decentraland as if it were a showcase of digital identities.

WE design

This building is a place where classic and modern converge. In this way, we find classic architectural elements together with more modern objects. The structure of the building is robust and traditional, and reminds us of a mansion or museum, where elements such as columns and staircases, and materials such as stone and tiles take centre stage. On the other hand we find futuristic objects such as capsules, and statues and objects made of pink polygonal meshes.

WE develop

The main function of this building was to serve both as an exhibition and as an avatar tester for users. In the VRChat version, users have the possibility to swap their avatar with all the avatars on display, as well as look in the mirrors to get a glimpse of their new identities. In the Decentraland version other features were added, such as the signature book, animations and links to the CryptoAvatars platform.


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