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CryptoAvatars World

CryptoAvatars' first showcase in the metaverse


With the launch of CryptoAvatars, we built this building in VRChat and Decentraland.

Our iconic avatars Orion and Aurora took the spotlight, inspiring the design.


Step into a blend of classic and modern! Our building combines timeless architectural elements like columns and staircases with a touch of futurism - think capsules and pink polygonal meshes.

It's like a mansion-meets-museum, with robust stone and tiles adding to the charm.

MISSION accomplished

We celebrated with a launch party at Decentraland! Fun, music, and awesome avatars. Sign the book, enjoy animations, and explore the CryptoAvatars platform.

In VRChat, try on any avatar and see your new identities in the mirrors.

Best part? It's all CC0 and OpenSource on Github & Sketchfab!


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