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Avatar Garden

One world for each Avatar round!


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WE imagine

100Avatars is an open source project by Polygonal Mind consisting of two rounds of 100 avatars each. The third round is about to take place!

The Internet, especially the VRChat platform, has turned many of these avatars into real stars thanks to the Avatar Garden worlds.

These are two open spaces framed in a beautiful landscape where users can try on all the avatars of the two rounds, which have been recently updated with many improvements in terms of optimisation and visual aspects.

WE design

We have created and designed two different Avatar Garden worlds, each corresponding to a round of 100Avatars. In both spaces we can find both wooded and beach areas, with a great inspiration in Gaugin's paintings, characterised by their warm colours and exoticism. We find carefully modelled natural elements, such as waterfalls, trees, bridges and rocky areas. In short, an enveloping space where users can enjoy playing with the two rounds of 100Avatars.

WE develop

The latest update of the Avatar Garden worlds not only includes the improved features of the previous version, but also adds new developments:

  • Portals to teleport from one 100Avatars round to another
  • NPCs with fun conversations
  • Specific areas for the user to change their avatar to 100Avatars ones
  • Numerous improvements: optimised loading times, improved lighting, shrinking maps for a better user experience, etc.


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