Decentraland Cinema

A custom red carpet for Decentraland


Decentraland Cinema will soon become the crown jewel of the platform!  We've been given the opportunity to create a stunning 1950-Cyberish cinema theatre for the exclusive premiere of the ABC-Disney Documentary about NFTs and the metaverse's impact on technology.


For the cinema's design, we drew inspiration from the aesthetics of old-fashioned theater cinemas, featuring abundant lightbulbs, grand billboards, and large vertical posters. The manually-changing marquee was also a source of inspiration. Completing the cinema's allure is a magnificent red carpet, complete with photographers and a dazzling photocall where you can strike a pose. We kept present the classic charm and glamour as principal aesthetic.

MISSION accomplished

The result is perfect venue for hosting events, premieres, and showcasing audiovisual projects.  With its dedicated photocall area, it's an ideal setting for premieres and launch parties. Whether you're presenting a new film or celebrating a special occasion, our cinema provides the perfect backdrop for a memorable and exciting experience. Lights, camera, action!


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