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TMA: Doppelgänger

A journey through the cosmos


A novel experience of Stan Douglas’ visionary work

Toledo Museum of Art is a museum in Ohio whose ambition was to become the artistic reference in their country. In order to encourage participation and a sense of belonging in their community, they wanted their own virtual space in the metaverse.

The museum wanted to showcase an experience inspired by Stan Douglass: Doppelgänger film to Decentraland.


Our main mission was to pay homage to the Stan Douglas movie, so we designed a building with different rooms representing different parts of the film. All of them based on science fiction and the cosmos.

This adaptation of the museum was an interactive experience with space missions for the users, you could even float in space as if there was no gravity at all.

MISSION accomplished

The result was an immersive cosmological experience that allowed audiences to enjoy the artist's visionary work in a different way. Not to mention a very faithful recreation of the scenes from the film.

Many users were able to put themselves in the astronaut's shoes and also collect the NFT wearable that we designed for the occasion.


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