Generations collide bringing together Metaverse and classical values


Bling bling experience

Forbes, the renowned American business publisher, approached us with an exciting challenge: create their metaverse social club, embodying their brand spirit and values, and appealing to the new generations. Let's make it happen!


We faced multiple challenges in this project: creating info and entertainment zones, balancing classic and modern aesthetics, and ensuring a user-friendly experience.

The Sandbox platform was chosen to house this major project. We researched Forbes' landmarks and icons, like Malcolm Forbes, Farber Egg Collection, and Gighlander Yatch, and adapted them to our building.

Inside, you'll find these objects, while the exterior is perfect for social gatherings with a bar and large pool. We added helpful elements like information panels, arrows, and paths to guide users through the experience.

MISSION accomplished

Collaborating with Forbes, we crafted a space reflecting their brand philosophy, blending tradition with a modern touch for the new generations they aimed to reach.

We included user-friendly facilities throughout the building and the interactive tour we designed. The launch event was a smashing success, and we gifted items to the users. A fantastic experience all around!


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