Generations collide bringing together Metaverse and classical values


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WE imagine

Forbes, the consollidated finances & news portal wanted to land into the Metaverse to expand its target audience to the youth, content creators and crypto-enthusiasts. They were looking for a space that looks at the future generations while preserving the core values of the brand. In this case, we agreeded with their idea, that’s why the project design aims to be an encounter between two contrasted styles. The classical, high-life vibe with luxury mixed with a modern, clean style.

WE design

The project is a space with outdoor and indoor areas where the players can explore, engage in social activities and admire art. Also, we have released exclusive equipment that will be showcased and used in the space.

We thought about Forbes activities and the result was the main design point of the project.

For the gardens, we included three entertaining spaces; a pool party area, a fountain and a terrace.

About the inside building, we furnished it with Forbes highlights, NFTs, equipment and The Sandbox assets and a rooftop for partying and social gathering.

We develop a beach area too, where users could find a yatch and the conference area.

WE develop

Several items will be set for minting and giveaways through the launch event and post-launch interactions between brand and target audience. To help users’ scanning we introduce several humanoid NPCs that aims to guide and hint players through the spaces in order to ensure the feeling of having a purpose and boost the curiosity to know everything about the Forbes experience.