VKET 2022 Winter

Polygonal Mind travels to Parareal Sapporo to share its avatars with the VRChat community


Polygonal Mind's essence in VR

Vket, the international Virtual Market for avatars, is a major annual VR event. We joined for the 4th time in the Winter Edition, showcasing our rebranding and values in a fresh booth.

The main goal? Gain traction and update attendees on our latest news. VRChat is where our '100 Avatars' collections shine, offering customized virtual representations for users to express themselves uniquely in the virtual world.


Our booth breathes our young, disruptive essence. Inspired by our branding, it focuses on avatars with cryo chambers for their rest. Every detail has a futuristic touch, giving a glimpse of what's to come.

Though small, we aimed for an environment that plays with heights, creating an engaging space. Our goal? Showcase the ability to build experiences.

MISSION accomplished

The result was tons of users exploring a wide variety of characters they can identify with and exciting new features about them!

They explored our 3D Avatars Gallery, stayed updated with our Rotating Billboard, checked out our Projects Exhibition, and got early access to our 3rd '100 Avatars' Round.


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