VKET 2022 Winter

Polygonal Mind travels to Parareal Sapporo to share its avatars with the VRChat community


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WE imagine

VRChat is the platform where our two avatar collections ‘100 Avatars’ are mostly used. For this reason we were invited to the Vket 2022 event to exhibit our avatar collections, for the 4th time. Since having a customized user virtual representation becomes so relevant, this event gives us the opportunity to sell what VRChat users are looking for, a special and unique way of expression of their virtual representation.

WE design

The booth we own exhales our young, disruptive and groundbreaking essence. This design is inspired by our company branding and inside of it, everything is thought around the avatars attention, by simulating cryo chambers where they rest. Every detail has a futuristic touch, as a close view of what we think it’s near to happen.

WE develop

Our company goal is to share with metaverse users the wide variety of characters they can identify with and new features about them. We included some features as:

  • 3D avatars gallery
  • 4 sided rotating billboard banner
  • Projects exhibition
  • Early access to our 3rd ‘100 avatars’ round


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