Art Gallery

Kanosei MetaGallery

Building an art gallery in less than a week


Kanosei Ventures is a collector of NFT Arts and an investor in the Web3 world. He was looking to create an interactive art gallery on Decentraland inspired by Sci-Fi architecture to showcase his collections.

What we didn't expect was the deadline: less than a week.


It was vital to use as a base and inspiration a previous environment we had created, adapting it to this project. It's all about taking advantage of existing resources due to the lack of time.

That's how we built two tower-galleries: one of them with an old concrete look, and the other with a more technical sci-fi style. According to the building style, different digital sculptures that stretch the boundaries of physical laws as NFT artworks were showered in.

MISSION accomplished

The result was two art gallery towers with different levels that can be accessed with an elevator. The NFT artworks and sculptures were the main protagonist, without forgetting the help panels focused on optimizing the user experience.

Time was short, but thanks to the use of existing resources, the simplicity of the design and the cooperation of our client collecting NFT artworks, we developed 2 towers-galleries in less than a week!


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