The biggest multiplayer experience in the Metaverse


What's inside the cube?

MegaCube, our biggest collaborative project! Mine the gigantic cube layer by layer to discover exciting NFT Projects and NFT Artists.

Unearth juicy rewards from Sponsors and Artists as you go. The first player to mine the last cube gets rewards from every Sponsor.


Mine the MegaCube as it appears, one layer at a time, to unveil amazing rewards from NFT projects and sponsoring Artists. The last cube holds the grandest prizes, NFTs, and ERC-20 tokens from all sponsors, exclusively for the first player to reach the core.

Explore The Megahall's entertainment area, featuring 50 booths, NFT galleries, VDJs, wearables, and surprises!

Enhance your gaming with cube dust tokens for purchasing POAPs, Shards, Wearables, Power Ups, and more.

MISSION accomplished

Megacube's first edition was a smashing success! With over 450 prizes, 2k players, 390k cubes mined, and 1.1k clicks, it was an exciting and intense experience.

Together, we created the largest multiplayer mining game in the metaverse.


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