CryptoAvatars' realms have spread throughout the metaverse


Interoperability in all its glory

CryptoAvatars, now rebranded as VIPE - Virtual Persona, is the go-to platform for unique, interoperable avatars licensed for use in the digital world. As their sister brand, they transformed 2D PFP collections into NFT avatars using blockchain technology.

Our mission? To create an incredible building showcasing their avatar collections and technology information, spread across multiple metaverse platforms.


We created a meaningful building for CryptoAvatars, telling stories in each room. The main space welcomes attendees with a carousel showcasing the latest community-minted avatars.

On other floors, avatars from their collections are displayed like real models for direct purchase. An info area for artists features the Avatar.Webcam app, and the rooftop offers a social space with a large streaming screen

MISSION accomplished

The result: a vibrant and dynamic space fulfilling CryptoAvatars' informative, commercial, and artistic goals.

We threw an amazing launch party, featuring a welcome speech by our CEO ToxSam. Exclusive wearables made the event memorable for attendees.

Proudly extending the mission as VIPE - Virtual Persona, we're now present on multiple platforms like Decentraland, Monaverse, and Spatial. Our building speaks of the brand from all angles.


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