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Moca Rooms

Interoperable NFT Galleries for art lovers

5x Dystopia | 5x Paradise


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WE imagine

Polygonal Mind has designed and launched a series of art galleries to host NFT art in collaboration with MOCA (Museum Of Crypto Art). These galleries are known as ROOMs, and are interoperable NFT art showrooms that are NFTs on their own. These are unique and exclusive CC0 showrooms made for art lovers and collectors.

WE design

We created two packages of ROOMs with different aesthetics and slots to host NFT art. The Dystopia pack contains 5 ROOMs with influences from the vaporwave and retrowave aesthetics, while the ROOMs in the Paradise pack are more organic and inspired by french illustrator Mœbius.

WE develop

These art galleries are designed to be interoperable by definition, these are .glb models that can be brought to multiple platforms and metaverses. They also update in real time, owners can modify their NFTs and they will automatically update on all your ROOMs already deployed. Our showrooms can be obtained through the raffles held at MOCA Dapp or through two auctions open to the public at OpenSea.


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