A place to perfect your swing in the Metaverse


It’s all in the knees!

Golfcraft in Decentraland got a visual revamp through our partnership!  We created a unique aesthetic that matches their vision and enhances the project's value.

Players can explore, play, practice, and even mint wearables in the headquarters with an organic, serene golf course feel.


Golfcraft, where solar-punk inspirtation meets golfing fun!

Explore open and spacious environments, and feel the golfing vibes with textures from balls, pennants, and golf clubs.

On the first floor, you'll find tutorials to get you started. Other floors offer crafting materials, exciting minigolf competitions, and a trendy wearable exhibition.

We've designed it to be intuitive and user-friendly with information points, score screens, and easy navigation.

MISSION accomplished

We built a place where users can go to have fun while "taking a swing" and share the experience with other users.

In this metaverse golf course, players can purchase golf clubs and sport-themed outfits while enjoying the mini-game and competing against others.


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