Art Gallery

Signum ARK Gallery

Virtual art gallery for emerging artists


In their commitment to blockchain-based technology transformation, Signum Capital wanted a social art gallery in the metaverse to showcase NFT artworks by emerging artists, where to hold auctions and interviews.

They had this in mind: a modern cubic building with glass and stone elements, based on their corporate social identity.


The core mission was to develop a social hub and at the same time an art gallery. We built a glazed cube where the user was completely surrounded by NFT arts, with a minimal and clean aesthethic.

In the surroundings we found organic elements such as plants and water, making art and nature merge in the same land.

MISSION accomplished

This is how Signum ARK Gallery was born in Decentraland! A simple but modern building inspired by the client's corporate aesthetics.

With spaces accommodated for activities other than art contemplation and involving the community with signature book, information panels, and screens. We held an opening party with talks about technology and the blockchain ecosystem, and different artists exhibited their NFT works on the glass walls of this art gallery.


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