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Momus Park

The perfect spot for recreation, admiring art, and browsing the MOMUS Collection


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WE imagine

A group of NFT art collectors aimed to construct the largest space dedicated to exhibiting Crypto Art in Decentraland. The space would showcase the works of renowned artists such as XCOPY, Hackato, RealRobness, and many others. The concept was to create a space that was united by a common theme: the artwork of Vincent Van Gogh.

WE design

The domains of the small states were divided into different artistic contents. Our mission was to create a space that connected them. We took inspiration from a park for the design of this space, incorporating colorful trees, lively water, fountains, ruins, vegetation and wildlife.

The space consists of 259 lands divided into 11 states, connected by roads that lead to exhibitions and games.

Scattered throughout the park are 31 static artworks from various famous Cryptoartists, most of which can be found on

The space underwent a major update once animated cryptoartwork became available on Decentraland.

WE develop

At MOMUS Park, visitors can find:

  • A variety of NFT artworks
  • Data and descriptions for each artwork piece