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South DCL

Complete development in South Decentraland: transport system and towers-gallery


We had a blast creating content for Decentraland, including the playful Trail Transit System connecting the southeast region with other parcels featuring interesting stops from start to finish.

We've developed three unique transit systems with their own aesthetics: rail, air, and bridges.


We built a rad transportation system with a megalithic structure and an elevator for vertical fun. The train station and rails take cues from Bioshock and Fallout 4, while the aerial system rocks a futuristic vibe with neon lights.

There are five towers, each with its own style, and the bridges connecting them sport a cool mix of different looks.

MISSION accomplished

Developing functional transit stations was tough, but we nailed it! To solve train turning issues, we used two carriages going opposite ways, no more waiting forever!

Our train station has different levels and an aerial system for functionality. And hey, we turned the towers' interiors into cool art galleries.


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