The coolest space hangar in Decentraland.


Vehicles for the Metaverse is a marketplace for downloadable Vechs – ready-to-use files for the metaverse, gaming, and augmented reality. They are setting up their grand new HQ in Decentraland, serving as a hub for their community. VECH offers cutting-edge tokens, including high-res 3D assets like founder's edition hovercrafts optimized for Decentraland & The Sandbox.


The building is an impressive black and yellow monolith standing tall in Decentraland, serving as the futuristic-styled structure of its new Headquarters. It serves as a striking focal point for the metaverse. Inside, you'll find a futuristic garage to showcase NFT spaceships and create a community hub for NFT collectors to plan their endeavors. The design follows the brand’s lore, combining open space with space-themed elements, creating a unique and captivating experience for all.

MISSION accomplished

We created a spatial fans hub where explore spaces like "Barter Town," our open-air shopping area featuring floating windows showcasing digital wares. There was also a dedicated spaceships collection showcase and a special area with screens dedicated to selling wearables, allowing users to customize their avatars and be part of the Vech universe.

The fun continued with a quest to organize boxes and win a wearable as a reward.

It was a fantastic way to celebrate the grand opening of our Headquarters and engage our community.


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