Art Gallery

The Narcissus Gallery

Futuristic art complex full of NFT artworks


Narcissus is a project by artists Akira and Ioannis Sourdis that brings together their NFT art collections.

For this project we were tasked with developing a new galleries complex that would bring together the NFT artworks and be a prominent place for people to visit, hold events and participate in social activities.


The main goal was to develop different constructions that fit together perfectly. All this following the theme of science fiction and technology, styles very present in the artworks in the collection.

Aiming to inspire calm and eminence, the architectural style is minimalist and at the same time futuristic and technological, diaphanous and without great details.

We designed a complex consisting of a main building in the shape of a crescent moon, framed by two tall towers and a large glass sphere full of NFTs inside.

MISSION accomplished

The artworks were arranged both in the main building and in the glass sphere, and we made elevators to access all floors.

The result: a great artistic complex with the technological and sci-fi aesthetics of Narcissus that fulfilled its function to perfection.


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