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Our collection of 60 polygonal creatures


The XYZprinting team gave artists their 3D printers to create 60 figures of anything. The result? Adorable little polygonal creatures, born from a fun and simple Polygonal Mind concept!


We came up with a fun and simple concept, and that's how these adorable little polygonal creatures were born! They're small figures of animals and humanoids, characterized by low poly 3D modeling.

To add our brand's touch, each one has the signature Polygonal Mind eye on their head. They're absolutely unique and charming!

MISSION accomplished

These funny creatures have a low poly modeling, keeping it simple and retro-style. We made a strict color palette with some rules to keep each figure unique. And guess what? After two years of hard work these characters are now part of our Opensource initiative!

You can use them for free, and they're available to everyone!


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