Jan 9, 2024

100 Avatars Garden x Decentraland

We are thrilled to have the 100 Avatars Garden project in Decentraland

Hey there everyone,

I’m Kourtin, Head of Operations at Polygonal Mind and responsable for this development happening in the studio through the grant submitted at the end of 2023.

First of all, thanks a lot to all the DAO members who participated in the voting and made this project possible. We are thrilled to have the 100 Avatars Garden project in Decentraland and to do it in a way that not only enriches the platform but also gives everyone a chance to collect them all by engaging with the platform.

Also, thanks everyone for your patience. A one-month development has put all studio hands to work tirelessly, and this update didn’t meet the correct publishing date, yet the project advanced with no issues. Now, let’s dive into the update:

100 Avatars Garden inside look on Decentraland

The Plan

Let’s begin with what we drafted as achievable for the 1st of January.

  • Preparation of the existing environment GLB - adapting 3D files, making layout on the land, adjusting lighting and textures.

  • Preparation and submission for the review of the 100 avatar skins - ensuring current VRM files are within limits of Decentraland requirements, metadata and submission (it’s 100 avatars, it takes time).

  • Avatar unlocking functionality development, mini-game implementation - developers finalizing functionalities, implementing UIs, re-skinning mini-games.

  • QA and launch - final iteration, wearable placement, marketing materials and social media comms launch.

Cool Banana and Rose chilling in Avatar Garden


We have prepared the launch party event that you can add to your calendar here, featuring all the experiences pre-designed and crafted.

As this project will mean that anyone will be able to grab 100 avatars during their playtimes, we will be periodically supporting the land with update events to circle back people to the experience.

100 Avatars Garden teaser
Head of OPS

I purr when you're not looking. I'm passionate about environments and all the techie stuff to make them look rad. Learning and improving everyday to be a better hooman.

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