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Apr 4, 2023

Clarks Arcade: stepping to the fashion beat


The Clarks Arcade serves as a top-tier entertainment venue, merging aspects of a carnival, arcade, and rooftop nightclub. Visitors are provided with the opportunity to partake in nostalgic pastimes, including specially designed video games featuring Clarks themes, dance-offs, and rides reminiscent of vintage fairgrounds.


Our mission at Clarks Arcade on this 2x2 land parcel is to embody the Neon and Arcade visual theme while transforming the space into a dynamic hub. We translate Clarks' iconic Wallabee and Torhill collections into 3D experiences, enriching them with interactive elements for both entertainment and education.


The Clarks artwork we were seeking blended the classic style of the brand with a modern twist. We found the answer in a fusion of “Neon wave” and “Vaporwave”. This approach allowed us to maintain the timeless lines of a classic building while infusing a modern and fantastical aesthetic.

Clarks final result in Decentraland

The origins

In the original concept artwork, Clarks showcased a central building with two classic shoe designs and promotional posters. The design also included a slide in the front, providing event participants with a quick descent from the upper floors to the first floor. Furthermore, two party terraces were situated on top of the shoes.

Clarks initial concept

Both the slide and the terraces underwent changes in the future due to technical limitations. Specifically, the terraces were relocated to the top floor of the building. This adjustment not only gathered all visitors in one central space but also offered a complete view of the entire MVFW event from the terrace.

The building was expanded to accommodate indoor rooms, mini-games and visitors.

Refining the design

Clarks building

After many iterations, this was the final result of the building. In comparison to the initial concept, we extended the entire structure in width and refined the forms to achieve a grater harmony, all while maintaining the ability to accommodate the three floors.

Wallabee (first floor)

Beginning with Wallabee, this room serves as the main entrance/lobby. Here, visitors could find primary video screens displaying Clarks advertising and their social media presence. Additionally, the first mini-game and the initial set of NFTs that can be won through participation are located in this space.

Clarks Wallabee

The aesthetic here combines elements from the exterior frontage to maintain a visual progression, along with a classic arcade vibe featuring a blend of old and modern machines. The design also integrates a basketball court where the mini-game is played, adding a dynamic element to the overall atmosphere.

Torhill (second floor)

On the second floor we find Torhill. Here we find a more classical style in terms of art and layout.

Clarks Torhill

This floor draws strong inspiration from classic fairgrounds and amusement parks. It features elaborated decorations that align with the theme of the mini-game on this floor, showcasing prizes that can be won. Additionally, there is a QR code that directs visitors to the Clarks promotional campaign.

Clarkadia (terrace)

The third and final floor of the experience is designed to accommodat all the visitors for the night of the event, providing a space to enjoy Clarks live on the dance floor. The aesthetic is the pinnacle of the "Neon wave" theme, serving as the crowning touch to the entire brand experience.

Clarks Clarkadia

The most notable feature of this floor is that it affords all users a panoramic view of the entire event from above.


Basketball game

The inaugural attraction within this experience is designed to seamlessly align with the primary aesthetic theme of the building.

The objective of this game is to attain the highest score within a designated time frame, with all achievements proudly showcased on a leaderboard, fostering a sense of healthy competition among players.

With no restrictions on the number of attempts, participants are encouraged to refine their skills and, subsequently, their scores, making it an ideal opportunity for continuous improvement and enjoyment.

Clarks basketball game

Balloon shooting game

Introducing the Balloon Shooting Game in Decentraland, a virtual adaptation of the classic festival dart game.

In this immersive first-person gaming experience, your objective is to burst as many shoe-shaped balloons as you can within a specified time frame.

As you tune your sharpshooting skills, a massive leaderboard located nearby will track and showcase the scores of all participants, infusing an element of friendly competition into the overall gameplay.

Clarks balloon shooting game


This multifaceted environment not only encapsulates the essence of Clarks but also exemplifies the power of innovative content-driven experiences, leaving a lasting impression on all who venture within.

Sara Correas

I code, therefore I am

PJ Martínez
Lead Environmental Artist
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