Art Gallery


A tribute to Hispanic artists


NFTs en español

NFTesp is the ultimate community of NFTs in Spanish. They were looking for a place in the metaverse to pay tribute to some of the most outstanding artists of the Hispanic scene, such as Antonio García Villarán and Adrián Balasategui, among many others.We created the HQ keeping the essence of this community that at the same time would serve as a showcase for the artists' work.


We customized this three floor Art Gallery with the values of NFTesp, where all three floors were dedicated to the artists and their creations. Also, on the first floor we included some of the highlights of the community and on the top floor there was an area to claim tokens for attending the event with a big screen to broadcast streamings.

MISSION accomplished

During the opening event, called "Hispanic Art Exhibition”, a music session by DJ Basseado took place via streaming on the screen on the third floor. Then, via Discord, a voice chat was held with all the artists who came to explain their exhibited works. Those who attended the event were awarded with an exclusive wearable and a POAP from NFTesp.


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