Oct 23, 2023

Zepeto, the virtual world of Gen Z and fashion

The world of fashion and technology has converged like never before, thanks to the rise of Gen Z -favorite, Zepeto. This virtual universe has taken the fashion industry by storm and it’s easy to see why


The world of fashion and technology has converged like never before, thanks to the rise of Gen Z -favorite, Zepeto. This virtual universe has taken the fashion industry by storm and it’s easy to see why.

In this blog-post we’ll dive into what Zepeto is, who’s behind it, what you can do within this captivating virtual world and the prominent fashion brands that have embrace it.

What is Zepeto

Zepeto is a virtual worlds that allows users to create personalized avatars, socialize, explore digital landscapes and engage in different activities. It’s more than just a social media platform; it’s a dynamic, immerse experience.

Zepeto was created by the South Korean company Naver Z Corportation. This virtual world made its debut in 2018, instantly captivating the attention of the younger generation with its unique concept and cutting-edge technology.

Zepeto’s Metaverse

What you can do in Zepeto

Zepeto offers a wide range of activities and features that make it an attractive virtual realm.

Explore different worlds

Users can travel through diverse and visually stunning landscapes each an adventure waiting to be explored. From quiet, sun-kissed beaches to busy urban cityscapes, the variety of worlds is awesome. Dive into fantastical tealms, exotic terrains or simply rest in a pucturesque setting.

Each world presents an unique experience inviting users to join their virtual journeys.

Zepeto’s Zombie Island

Customize your avatar

Zepeto’s avatar creation tool are nothing short of outstanding. With an intricate level of detail you can craft an avatar that mirrors your real-life appearance or go beyond reality by creating a persona that’s entirely unique.

From hairstyle and eye color to clothing and accessories, the possibilities are nearly endless. The ability to customize your avatar is an avenue of self-expression allowing you to define and showcase your style, individuality and creativity.

Zepeto’s avatar customization

Fashion and accessories

For fashion lovers Zepeto is a paradise. The platform boasts an extensive virtual wardrobe filled with trendy clothes and accessories. Whether you’re amiming fot a chic, street-style or a classic elegant outfit, you can shop for the latest in virtual fashion. Mix and match outfits, experiment with styles and stay ahead of the fashion curve.

Your avatar becomes a canvas for your fashion aspirations with an ever-evolving closet to match.

Zepeto’s fashion & accessories


Not everything is social and fashion, you have at your disposal a wide collection of games each designed for maximum fun and interactivity.

Collaborate or compete with other users in games that span different genres. Whether it’s an exciting kart race or an intense dance-off, there’s a game for everyone’s taste.

The game dynamics keep the experience dynamic and enjoying fostering friendly competition and collaboration among users.

Zepeto's building worlds game

Interact with others

Zepeto is not just a solitary experience; it’s a social oasis. Connect with friends whether they’re old acquaintances or new companions you meet within the platform.

Engage in conversations, gruop activities or simply hang put in stunning virtual environments. It’s a place to build relationships, share experiences and collaborate on adventures.

The social aspect of Zepeto turns it into a vibrant community where connections are forged and memories are made.

Zepeto's social interaction pannel

Zepeto is a multifaced experience. Its diverse range of activities meets broad audiences. Whether you’re looking for an escape into digital environments, a platform for self-expression through avatar customization or simply a place yo connect and have fun with friends, Zepeto has it all.

Brands present on Zepeto

One of the important aspects of Zepeto is its collaboration with prestigious fashion brands. These brand collaborations are a testament to Zepeto's capacity to bridge the gap between the real and virtual worlds, transforming how fashion is marketed, experienced, and enjoyed.

They empower users to express their style, engage with brands in innovative ways, and redefine fashion's boundaries in the digital age. Each collaboration represents a unique and exciting facet of the evolving fashion industry's embrace of technology and immersive platforms.

Some of the prominent names include:


The luxury brand Gucci has not merely dipped its toes into Zepeto world but has fully embrace it. Gucci’s collaboration with Zepeto provides users with the rare opportunity to acquire virtual Gucci items and accessories. For fashionistas this means you can outfit your avatar with the latest Gucci fashion pieces whether it’s a stylish handbag, iconic eyewear or high-fashion footwear.

The partnership between Gucci and Zepeto isn’t just about virtual fashion; it’s about fostering brand engagement in the digital realm. It’s a testament to how top-tier fashion brands are adapting to the changing landscape and using innovative platforms like Zepeto to reach and engage with younger audiences.

Gucci x Zepeto collection

Ralph Lauren

The iconic American fashion brand Ralph Lauren brings a touch of classic elegance to the Zepeto fashion scene. With Ralph Lauren’s presence users can dress their avatar in authentic Ralph Lauren attire mirroring real-world fashion choices.

This collaboration showcases how fashion brands with a rich heritage can seamlessly integrate into a virtual world appealing to a younger generation while retaining the brand’s timeless appeal. It’s a bridge between the legacy of the brand and the modern digital age.

Ralph Lauren x Zepeto collection


Even a brand as comfortable and versatile as Crocs has found its place in Zepeto. Users can now give their avatars a laid-back yet fashionable style with virtual Crocs.

This inclusion exemplifies how Zepeto is not confined to high fashion but welcomes brands from different fashion niches. It’s an invitation for users to express their laid-back and fun-loving side and its demonstrates the adaptability of fashion brands meets different tastes within the virtual world.

Crocs x Zepeto collection


Renowned for its exquisite jewelry luxury goods Bulgari’s venture into Zepeto is a testament to the brand’s commitment providing luxurious experiences. Users can now adorn their avatars with rich Bulgari accessories mirroring the luxury and sophistication that the brand represents.

This collaboration emphasizes the power of virtual self-expression allowing users to inspire their avatars with a touch of glamour and extravaganze.

Bulgari x Zepeto collection

Polygonal Mind x Zepeto: 100Avatars collection

As interest grew, Zepeto caught our attention and we decided to check how difficult was for us, as owners and developers of a brand like 100Avatars, to check and develop a custom fashion collection. One thing led to the next one and we ended creating a collection of 100 custom beanies in 2 weeks!

The art team dedicated their time to understand, adopt and execute the creation pipeline of Zepeto and we found out that is not only easy, it’s simple. That allowed us to port a vast artistic value originally made on interoperable avatars to digital fashion.

Polygonal Mind collection QR

Scan this QR and check them out in Zepeto:

If you want to know more on how we did it stay tunned, we will release another blog about how to create apparel very soon!

Polygonal Mind Beanies x Zepeto: 100Avatars collection


In the age of technology, Zepeto is providing to be more than just a trend; it’s becoming a cultural phenomenon. The combination of fashion and the virtual world within Zepeto has opened a new era of brand engagement and self-expression.

As Gen Z continues to shape the digital landscape the fashion industry has found a remarkable partner in this dynamic virtual realm.

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