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Ancient Babylon comes back to life voxelised!



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WE imagine

We delved deep into creating our own experiences for The Sandbox, and we felt the need to design the second part of the Dethrone experience. We want to maintain the same ancient aesthetic and plot of conflicts within civilization, accompanied by great artistic value.

To achieve this, we decided to recreate ancient Babylon in a carefully crafted experience down to the smallest detail. It will include missions that players can complete to make the experience playable.

WE design

We have created an immersive adventure in The Sandbox based on Babylon that offers a highly detailed experience. This project is special because it contains more assets than usual. It is made up of an asset bundle that includes over 10 characters, 100 environmental assets, and 20 blocks.

The gameplay of the adventure involves guiding users through a variety of hidden secrets that they must uncover, interacting with characters, completing missions, dealing with the dangers lurking deep within the dungeon, and enjoying the journey through the adventure.

We also add elements of science fiction and mythology, to give a unique and different experience.

WE develop

The gameplay of this game consists of two very distinct parts:

  • Exploration of the land and interaction with NPCs who give small quests and clues to gain access to dungeons.
  • Dungeons consist of small sections where you must progress by defeating enemies and upgrading equipment as you delve deeper.


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