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Win the Throne of a Lost Empire


A new era is dawning

Introducing Dethrone, our first project in The Sandbox! Immerse yourself in a voxel fantasy adventure with two chapters: Dethrone The Shadow & Dethrone Dungeons.

Save the world of Bylta from a mighty god as you unlock new areas and conquer enemies.


Dethrone's development was carefully divided into stages to create a refined and excellent world of Bylta.

In "The Shadow" chapter, users face a land ruled by ancient magic. The second chapter, "Dungeons," offers a unique multi-ending experience where players shape the fate of Bylta. For the first time in The Sandbox, players can choose to ally with the God or save the world, adding a thrilling twist to their adventure with ever-changing storylines.

Explore a detailed world with dangerous goblins, forest lurkers, and assets filled with light and grief. Dethrone's environment and assets are crafted with utmost care.

MISSION accomplished

Discover secrets, unlock new areas, and confront challenges.

Start at "The House of Wise" in the first chapter and team up to restore order in Bylta in the second chapter.


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