Face quests and destroy enemies to reveal pieces of truth



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WE imagine

Dethrone is a voxel fantasy experience splited in 2 chapters released in The Sandbox. Players experience an immersive gameplay set in a world broken by a mighty god that defies the survival of the whole planet of Bylta. Running from mission to mission, players unlock new areas and new enemies until they reach the final of the story.

WE design

The project is being split into different development stages in order to better handle the creation process of the world of Bylta, giving priority to create something fine and excellent instead of something massive and boring.

For the first chapter, our team designed a experience where users must face a land ruled with ancient magic.

The second chapter is designed as a multiple-ending experience, where users get to decide the fate of Bylta.

WE develop

  • In the first chapter, the gameplay starts in a quartz desert, The House of the Wise hides a treasure guarded by menacing guardians and fallen skeleton soldiers. Next to it, a seemingly peaceful and mystical mushroom forest shows up.
  • In the second and final chapter, the player finds themself in a devastated land, where goblins have united forces with other creatures born of madness. This burnt area, heavily abrupt and filled with heights and cliffs, holds The Sovereign: an ancient deity that marks the beginning of a new era, and that defies the stablished order on Bylta.