Live the Metaverse Music Festival from the Backstage


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WE imagine

Decentraland celebrates the Metaverse Music Festival 2022 and they wanted to count on us to design the main stage’s backstage. In this case, the experience offered inside this building is up to us, but we needed to follow some design guides, like the cyberpunk aesthetic of the event. On this basis, we create two different areas, offering the users a full experience and making the exploring a whole thing.

WE design

The building is composed by two different areas, one of them is the abandoned city streets where the player should interact and play multiple mini games in order to enter on the other area, the backstage VIP. This side is richer in high details, with lots of music content and proper concert lighting. We propose our visitors backstage’s virtual concerts apart from main stage ones.

The building purpose is to give the users a whole festival experience, showing the proper backstage secrets.

WE develop

We wanted to create an attractive backstage vision and experience. For that, we introduce a quest that gives VIP access to everybody who pass it. In addition, we added a board where we are offering virtual DJ sessions during the whole festival although they could switch the visualization to the main concerts.