Doritos Triangle Studios

The crunchiest building in Decentraland by Doritos


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WE imagine

Doritos has launched a new experience in Decentraland to celebrate release of their new commercial featuring Jack Harlow and now the legendary triangle music instrument enjoying their new BBQ flavor - Sweet and Tangy. All of this full of music and triangles. The goal of the project was to bring users to celebrate bigger campaign for Doritos and host a virtual event while showcasing the commercial and physical or digital products. Giving away 8 wearables, 3 emotes, 2 custom PCs, Skull Candy Custom head sets and ear buds along with 1 CloneX and 1 Meebit NFT.

WE design

A 2-floor building inspired by Doritos brand colours, focused around the new Doritos commercial and their new BBQ flavor. We managed to combine these elements to create a space that represents and promotes all of it. With NPCs based on the commercial; Ting and Chip. Beat Blaster is the main game and it reinforces our message about music and triangles. The Triangle Tower is made of Doritos, in which the spicy ones will make you fall.

WE develop

We created two amazing games for Doritos that complete the experience while communicating their messages. Beat Blaster lets players create, import and mix up to 3 tracks, and Triangle Tower is a competitive parkour game with leaderboard. With daily activities and DJs, photocall and social sections, everyone is invited to the party. These are some important features that added value to the project:

  • 2 Games + Treasure Hunt
  • NPCs
  • Photocall and Social areas
  • Live Streaming + VDJs
  • Giveaways and Airdrops
  • Exclusive wearables and emotes


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