Building healthy communities in Decentraland


Welcome to Hen.World! Meet Dr. Hen Says, the friendly gender-neutral bird here to raise awareness about health issues. We debunk myths, report on illnesses, and focus on building a supportive community. Let's talk about health in a positive and inclusive way!


The building is focused on health awareness.

The lobby welcomes you with comic-style panels, introducing topics, our team, and relevant links. On the first floor, enjoy an interactive game exploring the human body.

The second floor offers a video room with five options and a museum showcasing three health-related topics. The third floor has more videos and exhibits to delve into.

Finally, the fourth and fifth floors feature a VIP room with a terrace and three video screens.

MISSION accomplished

We use comics to tackle stigmas on topics like depression and eating disorders. Explore 5 videos and posts on "Henflix," along with 3 sections on health topics. Enjoy animated videos and an interactive quiz to learn while having fun!


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