Creadore Studios

Creadore Studios lands into Decentraland with new Headquarters for their NFT communities: Rude Golems, Rogue Sharks, Rebellion Bots & Rude Demons


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WE imagine

Creadore Studios was looking for a place that shows all the best of the brand taking users through different options of experience within their ecosystem - informative, entertaining, brand awareness, an exclusive area for their holders - that works like a social hub for their community. The building showcases an NFT gallery where users can enjoy some pieces from Creadore Studios’ collections.

WE design

This 5-floor building is inspired by minimalist style with lots of glass, mirroring the brand website with such a very light, exclusive and simple space. The Creadore Studios logo is placed in neon.

The space is designed for users to be introduced to the brand projects and creators. Creadore Studios wanted to own a place where users and fans have fun. It also has to work as a commercial space for branded wearables, NFT collections and hosting events.

WE develop

The building’s mission is to host Creadore Studios’ fanbase and introduce web3 users into a new Decentraland space where to know a fantastic NFT brand. It includes:

  • 4 Wearables representing each of Creadore’s NFT collections
  • Streaming screens to host podcasts, presentations and events
  • VIP room + rooftop
  • NFT Gallery
  • NPC (blue butterfly)


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