Polygonal Mind Spaces

From Lines to Life: Polygonal Mind's Next Chapter


Pyramidal Gods are watching us

Time for a virtual HQ! With rebranding, growth, and project success, Polygonal Mind needed a building that reflects our passion and achievements.

Let's create a space that speaks of our projects and the people who made it happen!


We embarked on a journey to showcase who we are and our projects. Embracing our pyramid, secrecy, and technology theme, we created a futuristic pyramid filled with cables and screens displaying our best projects.

To add intrigue, we developed a conspiranoid lore based on our motto "Pyramidal Gods are watching us," featuring fanatic NPCs and special wearables. One floor was dedicated to our talented team, with characteristic avatars and an anthill symbolizing our tireless efforts. We poured special affection into every detail!

Opened at Decentraland, Hyperfy , Spatial or other metaverses.

MISSION accomplished

Our living HQs evolves with Polygonal Mind as a company. The opening event with VDJ Buffalo was a hit, featuring surprises like a mysterious arcade game leading to a secret room.

Expanding beyond Decentraland, we brought our building to other metaverses like Hyperfy and Spatial, adapting to each platform's functionalities.

Seeing many of you in our visual materials was a special moment, bringing us closer to our community.


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