Art Gallery

Robness Liberty

The interactive trash art gallery


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WE imagine

Robness Gallery is an artist who needed a special place in the metaverse to showcase his crazy creations. A trash art gallery in which his work called Madame Liberty would have special prominence and that at the same time would be interactive.

WE design

Our idea was based on creating a gallery as creative and daring as its artist, defying the laws of physics and taking advantage of all the possibilities that Decentraland offered us. In this way we created a mobile platform with unique prints as the base of the building. A giant floating Madame Liberty topped the building, and different works by the artist rotated on it. This does not end here, because in the centre of the building there is the possibility of signing in the book for the attendees to leave their mark, as well as serving as access to the control point to control Madame Liberty.

WE develop

For the inauguration of this trash gallery we held a launch party like no other. The attendees received a POAP just for their presence at the event. To make Madame Liberty interactive, we programmed it to change according to the tastes of the users. Those users in possession of the TRASH token could go up to the control room and modify the volume of different tracks and so they slow down animations or higher them at their liking, creating unique experiences and sound/animation displays.


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