Metaverse Pride 23

Spreading diversity, inclusivity and love in Decentraland Pride


"Among the bright"

At our 3D Studio, we're proud to honor Pride in the metaverse! With Decentraland and Vegas City, we've created a scene that celebrates inclusivity and diversity.

Metaverse Pride 23 was an immersive, three-day festival filled with artistic value.


Drawing inspiration from the famous Burning Man festival, we crafted a vibrant oasis within a desert space for Metaverse Pride 23!

Our scene features colorful bursts, chrome-textured tents, and symbols representing the LGBTQIA+ community's values.

And the Main Stage? Oh, it's meticulously designed, with 'Echoes of Euphoria' band's music elevating the entire experience.

MISSION accomplished

Metaverse Pride 23 was a blast: 3 days of fun!

  • Vibrant visual identity
  • NFT artist collaborations, LGTBIQA+ brands
  • 'Among the Bright' BSO
  • 'Echoes of Euphoria' NPC Band
  • Exclusive wearables
  • Minigames: Bubble, Treasure Hunt, Interactive Quiz

Inclusivity and joy all around!


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