Bora Boring

Last call for Bora Boring, the rebellion’s island


Welcome to Bora Boring

Shilly, The Bored Ape, is a real rock superstar who wants to bring together his community in a virtual world that screams rebellion and debauchery from every corner.

Our 3D Studio had the mission to make the dreams of this naughty monkey come true in the platform Spatial. An authentic tropical island full of personality with numerous challenges and activations for his fans.


We decided to create a world with different islands inspired by IRL festivals like Fire Fest. Each island symbolised a stage of rebellion; the first one is the most civilised looking, while the following islands debauchery is rampant.

In order for this kingdom to have the personality of Shilly, its protagonist, we had to investigate all the things that characterised it. That's when we realised that music, urbanity and elements such as eggplant had to be present in some way.

Also, it was important to take into account the need to find spaces to make activations for the users, that is to say, ways for the audience to interact and be present in the land.

MISSION accomplished

Different areas of the island served a dual function: to pay homage to both its audience and the world of Shilly. So we developed a chaotic Main Stage, a music shop covered in wild vegetation, as well as a Skate Park that we had to adapt to be as realistic and functional.

We introduced crazy elements such as eggplants boats, an Armadillo NPC born from the client's madness, and other things related to the world of NFTs and web3, such as a galactic UFO.

Finally, we designed sponsor booths that we placed on an island wharf for Shilly's holders and enthusiasts to have their space. We also developed a challenging treasure hunt with collectible prizes, and an area to host NFTs. It had to be a highly scalable land, a living building with the possibility of introducing numerous activations, so challenge met!


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