The fashion industry is no more a real world thing


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WE imagine

Due to the new paradigm, there’re many fashion brands which have realized that they need to take advantage of the new possibility of selling their clothes as NFTs into a proper space in the Metaverse. With that, users and their virtual representations could be fashion trending in both places, virtual and real ones, and brands and designers could be fashionables in both stages.

Fasion brands as Maria Pascual, Boson Protocol or XCOPY have enjoyed this metaverse retail experience achieving that many users wear them wearables.

WE design

This building design is inspired by a real clothing shop, but with some disruptive and innovative details. Inside the building,  users find a vending machine with legacy wearables where know more specifications about them. On the second floor, the visitors find a modular collab area and a runaway. This floor is prepared for events, with all details needed as banner space for creator, stream panel…The only changing space is the collab area. It changes everytime we launch a client event, as happens as runaway too.

WE develop

The building has an arcade zone at the rooftop. It counts on a signbook too, to let users has a memory about their visit and some information about Polygonal Mind’s UI and Metaverse Builder works.


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