MVFW 23 - Clarks

Clarks at Metaverse Fashion Week 2023: Shoes that will take you farther than ever before.


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WE imagine

Clarks aimed to make a memorable appearance at Metaverse Fashion Week 2023 by evoking the era of arcade video games and their vintage aesthetic. They desired a multidisciplinary space where attendees could interact, play, and enjoy themselves. To achieve this, the building had to be designed with multiple floors and various spaces.

WE design

We created a 3-floor building, including a rooftop party area, based on arcade aesthetics. The building is split into two themed areas: Wallabee, which represents the arcade theme, and Tornhill, which has more of an amusement park aesthetic. The rooftop, named Clarkadia, is a VIP zone that is accessible by teleport.

The building's color scheme is mostly black, with pink and blue neon lights that make the building stand out from afar. Additionally, it has a typical arcade-style sign that makes the space and brand recognizable from a distance.

WE develop

We had three floors of experiences and games:

  • The first floor was dedicated to the Wallabee space, where users could play basketball arcade game, claim free wearables and, by completing the basketball game, get two more based on a day!
  • On the second floor, users could find the Tornhill space, which featured its own dart game inspired by a fair game where everyone got a prize.
  • The third floor was for dancing and VIP access, where users could show their moves and enjoy a drink with a beautiful view of the Organic Origins Fashion Garden.

Three pairs of Clarks shoes as wearables were available as prizes for those who completed the games.