Bunker Podcast

Podcast can be Metaverse too


Our studio wanted to bring the NFT podcast scene back to life and explore its growsth potential within VR and beyond. We've created a cozy and inviting podcast space, where CryptoAvatars come to life as characters conducting captivating interviews and recording engaging sessions.


Welcome to our bunker-style podcast space with a playful twist! Adorned with posters, comfy armchairs, microphones, and a camera, it's a perfect recording spot. Look up to the ceiling for an intergalactic surprise!

With 100Avatars and Polygonal Mind branding, this space is truly unique.

MISSION accomplished

It’s a VRChat space, where you can be your favorite avatar and have a blast recording podcasts with friends from whenever you want! Dress up, gather your buddies, and enjoy a fun-filled podcasting experience in the virtual world.

Let the laughter and great conversations flow as you create unforgettable memories together.


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