VKET Summer 2023

Let's get ready for some fun with karaoke, avatars, and a touch of Japan


Virtual Market 2023, the largest virtual reality festival where users buy and sell 3D items/avatars and real-world products. This year Polygonal Mind presents the VIPE collection stand, showcasing the fresh brand and a vibrant color palette.


Our booth design for this new edition is inspired by our latest VIPE Heroes avatar collection, with its lore playing a significant role in the aesthetics. To align with Vket's visual style, we incorporated an Japan-inspired variation, featuring lanterns, illuminated signs, and more.

Notably, our well-known 100Avatars collection also plays a crucial part in the project, acting as a bridge between Polygonal Mind's familiar territory and the exciting new development of VIPE.

MISSION accomplished

At Vket, the most important 3D avatar buying and selling event, our booth is entirely dedicated to our avatars. Users will find a space to try on different Freebies from the VIPE Heroes collection, as well as an area dedicated to different collections available in the platform. Additionally, on the second floor, they'll have the opportunity to have fun and interact in an atmosphere inspired by an authentic Japanese Karaoke.


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