Jan 11, 2024

How'd be working with Polygonal Mind as your Web3 partner

In the era of Web3, where emerging technologies and trends redefine the way brand content is created, choosing the right partner for your company’s transition becomes crucial


In the era of Web3, where emerging technologies and trends redefine the way brand content is created, choosing the right partner for your company’s transition becomes crucial. Polygonal Mind was established in 2018 and over time we have become a pioneering Web3 development studio, offering a wide range of services that curate, take care and evolve every idea that comes to our board.

Let’s dive into the whys and core values from our studio that make working with us a unique and satisfying experience.

Art as the center piece of every development

At Polygonal Mind, we stand out as a solution package rather than a simple service provider; we engage from start to finish in every Web3 project development, clarifying doubts and assisting companies in decision-making actions according to industry trends and their specific target audience. In this way, brand activations will not only hold value during the launch period but keep it afterwards and become a digital landmark.

We lay in the foundation for future virtual environments, promoting creativity, self-expression and inclusivity for all.

Shilly during its early development, conceptualizing all the core ideas the client had

Value of art

For us, artistic value plays a critical role in developments, both for third parties and for our own studio, for several key reasons.

Designing unique visuals allows the products and experiences we develop for companies to stand out in the saturated Web3 market. The ability to offer a distinctive visual approach is what makes us special among others.

Artistic design also directly contributes to user immersion. In virtual environments, visual quality and aesthetic coherence play a fundamental role in achieving an immerse experience that aids retention, which is essentially the focus of these activations. This, in turn, creates an emotional connection with the end user.

Being able to tell a story, not any but your story, not only through narrative but also by leveraging the visual aspect, ensures that the experience developed by our studio transcend mere physical interactivity.

Every project has a unique art direction

Following the trends usually means looking for a very specific art direction, but we make our best to make sure that the experience is unique and always offer distinctive, recognizable and timeless. We understand that each project is unique, has its own DNA, or at least it should be so for the final product to work.

To make this possible, the most important thing we do is study the brand for which the activation will be carried our and match it with its aesthetic. This way, through lot of consulting sessions, the final product will be recognizable anywhere it goes.

How is so achieved? Starting with preproduction, concepts and boards with flowcharts that define the user experience, assest the objectives and prepare for a steady production.

We prepare and present different design options, usually going from something more conservative to something more risky but carefully maintain the brand’s essence an identity. For us the client is always involved, in the loop and making with us the creative decisions.  

Trust in experience and success stories

To achieve a distinctive result, it's not enough for us to just have technical knowledge and know how to combine it with artistic direction. If we want to make an impact, we need to have some courage to innovate and offer features that stand out from the rest. In our case, a project combines the basic platform features through NFTs, gamification, rewards, etc., with implementations based on our experience, giving it a unique touch.

This has worked and has been a success on over 200 projects distributed in more than 12 platforms, leaving more than 60 partners satisfied with the results and reaching new audiences through them.

Our track record proves confidence and our pipeline translates into new heights to surpass.

Our core value is artistic, inspiring innovation and imagination through successful projects.

Singularity in every piece of our portfolio

Within our portfolio of developments, you’ll find a bit of everything because we are the kind of company that enjoys experimenting with all the options that the Web3 has to offer.

We have created everything from codeveloping phases on video games, such as Beat Saber, TDRS or Morphite, to small gamified shooting experiences for Mtn Dew! or Doritos. We don’t limit ourselves and we are capable of managing entire activations that have it all, like in Forbes, we have released campaigns that included environments, gamification, avatars, rewards, digital apparel and event management.

The key is to be in the future before your competitors, offering your audience experiences consistent with the brand but positioning you as an innovator, credibly.

Forbes first experience in The Sandbox

Creating a digital legacy for future growth

Tommy Hilfiger building for Metaverse Fashion Week ‘23 in Decentraland

Entering the Web3 landscape is not about creating one thing and then forgetting that it exists just to follow the trends. Web3 works just like the internet we commonly know; everything leaves a trace, everyone remembers the steps you have taken through it, and joining the trend once and then forgetting is not enough to remain relevant in this field.

A transition to Web3 with us not only addresses the current needs of your company by observing that the competition is on the same development path as you but looks to make a step forward in the path of innovation.

In other words, your first step in the environment is the first of many with the objective of growing a community that regularly engages with your product and benefits from the activations we make.

By adopting technologies and frameworks that allow easy scalability and updates, we help you create a relevant and impactful digital legacy for a long time.


Embrace the Web3 revolution with us by your side, and propel your company into the decentralized future, where innovation, authenticity and community participation define the digital landscape. Do so by evaluating with us why your first step should be in a way and how we can extend it to set your product apart from the rest.

You can book a call with us and start your adventure here.

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